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Business Transformation

Move with Purpose

Driving change through projects.

Today's projects and programs are more complex than ever.

Leading major change initiatives is not for the faint of heart.

Project managers are often competent in a single discipline – technology projects, engineering projects, people projects, etc. Our project managers are defined by our ability to go across disciplines and leverage the best of the organization to rally key stakeholders.

Our change leadership service offering delivers one or more leaders who can act as the face of change, and provide rationale, reliability, and real-time communications. We help organizations chart a path, rally the troops, create coalitions and move the agenda forward.

Teaming Worldwide delivers exceptional onsite or remote project management services. Projects are in our blood and drive everything we do.


Shot of a group of colleagues brainstorming together on a glass wall in an office

Let us help you move with purpose.

Our change leadership service helps organizations chart a path,
rally the troops, create coalitions, and move the agenda forward through all five stages of the project lifecycle.


Problem identification



Initial scope, schedule, cost, quality

Market testing

Change management approach

Coalition building


✔ Design documents

Detailed scope, schedule, cost, quality

✔ Consumer testing

✔ Change management strategies


✔ Development artifacts

✔ Solution testing

✔ Change management artifacts


✔ Launch strategy

✔ Training

✔ Change management rollout

✔ Handoff

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