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About Us

Advancing Change around the Globe

Advancing Change Around the Globe.

Teaming Worldwide delivers business transformation services that help organizations envision and achieve growth

We are known for helping clients solve their most complex business challenges through innovative offerings, unique insights, and our depth of core consulting capabilities – from strategy through delivery.

Businesses have an opportunity to move away from a reactionary position towards one that makes continuous transformation a new normal. We bring a proven mix of innovation and transformation tools, combined with a strong bias toward project management and action.


Photo of Tim Jaques presenting a concept
Tim Jaques
Founder of Teaming Worldwide


We envision the solutions, business, and markets of tomorrow and build them with our clients.

Who we are

Teaming Worldwide is a collective of entrepreneurs, thinkers, designers, and  strategists who are building the future. We collaborate widely with businesses, non-profits, NGOs, governments, and others to build meaningful solutions.


We are a driving force for change around the world, finding new, sustainable pathways forward that help humanity into the next stage of our evolution.

We believe:

Innovation starts with people.

The complex challenges of today require deeply creative people.

Why Us?

We have worked with hard-to-change organizations across a variety of sectors, from Health Care to the US Federal Government. We know what it takes to move even though toughest bureaucracies forward...and, we make it fun!



Our people-first standards, templates and techniques allow you to take precise steps, choose the right new technlogy, and tap inot the creativity of your team.



Our clearly defined and well-researched innovation processes were 35 years in the making and have served more than 250 brands across 25 industries.



Our 25+ years of project management and change expertise will support and guide you as you execute big changes and build your organization's future.

Tim Jaques

Thought Leadership

We literally wrote the books!
Tim has co-authored books, chapters, forewords and articles because he is deeply interested in teams, innovation, results-making, leadership, product development, and project management, there is no better place to look for data than governmental organizations. The US Federal government is a leader in the development of key concepts within project management – critical path, earned value, and portfolio management to name a few. Governments can also be hives of deep dysfunction, bureaucracy, and unaccountability.

These hard-to-change organizations have resulted in some interesting insights that we carry forward to other teams, projects, and situations. 

Check Out Our books!


Gain valuable insight into the government’s project management best practices! Although project management is not new to the federal government, the discipline has taken on renewed importance in the face of the ever-increasing size, complexity, and number of mission-critical projects being undertaken by every branch and agency. This book addresses the key facets of project management, from organization and structure to people and process. A variety of government entities share their best practices in areas including leadership, technology, teams, communication, methodology, and performance management. Based on research and interviews with a wide range of project managers, Achieving Project Management Success in the Federal Government presents a realistic cross section of the project management discipline in the largest single enterprise in the world—the US federal government.

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This realistic cross-section of the project management discipline in the federal arena will help anyone leading, working on, or affecting the direction of a project team. It covers the entire scope of project management from organization to methodology, technology to leadership. This volume focuses on the three project management organizational dimensions of culture, systems, and structure. Federal practices and successes in the areas of communication, project leadership, stakeholders, and key competencies are highlighted. The book offers clear and practical advice drawn from a variety of project management successes in the federal arena.

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Author of Foreword, Proofreader, and Cheerleader

Remote and hybrid work is now more than a trend – it’s here to stay. Monumental global shifts have permanently changed how work will be accomplished in the future. Whether you’re settling into long-term remote work or working hybrid – that is, part-time home, part-time traditional office – this book answers critical questions about the most efficient and effective ways to work remotely. With 900+ tips, tricks, and techniques for remote/hybrid work in an easy-to-use format, this book covers all bases. It teaches you how to:

  • be more productive
  • enhance team collaboration
  • be resilient and prevent burn-out
  • manage multiple priorities
  • run more effective virtual meetings
  • achieve work-life balance

The authors are two experts in workplace effectiveness who have consulted with IBM, The Pentagon, Goldman-Sachs, The White House, Pfizer, US Navy, AT&T, Bank of America, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and Harvard University.

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Author of Foreword, Proofreader, and Cheerleader

Many project managers do not have the authority to direct the activities of people on their teams – they can only influence them. The most influential people succeed by focusing less on themselves and their message and more on others. They pay attention; they are brave; they are vulnerable; they are curious, and they look for and acknowledge the things that are important about, and to, the other person. And they model the behavior that they want to see. This book tells you how.

The author provides tools and frameworks for building a culture of appreciation, understanding character strengths, mapping leadership qualities, understanding learning styles, identifying team roles, and executing plans. She also explores the factors that contribute to conflict and tensions as well as strategies for getting through difficult times. We see these tools and techniques in action through “Maggie”, a project manager who is struggling to motivate her team. Each chapter concludes with reflective questions to make the ideas stick and with key strategies for success.

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Editorial Committee and Secretariat

Developed over three years, and leveraging the expertise of more than 150 global experts, this revised standard describes three domains of expertise extant in business today:

  • Project management
  • Program management
  • Portfolio management

Each domain contains the 29 competence elements organized in three competence areas:

  • People; defining the personal and interpersonal competences required to succeed in projects, programs and portfolios (10 People competences)
  • Practices; defining the technical aspects of managing projects, programs and portfolios (14 Practice competences; number 14 Select and balance is not applicable for projects)
  • Perspective; defining the contextual competences that must be navigated within and across the broader environment (5 Perspective competences).

The book (416 pages) describes all competences for project, program and portfolio managers separately. It contains cross-references to the ISO21500 and ISO21504 and to the old ICB3. For each competence you will get the definition, purpose, description, knowledge, skills and related competence elements and a related set of key competence indicators (description and measures).

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