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Digressions on Leading, Following and The Practice of Change

An Innovation Leader’s Quest for Credibility

An Innovation Leader’s Quest for Credibility Notes from the Field In a recent one-day workshop with a group of healthcare executives, the frustration arose that innovation leaders (i.e., those whose portfolio covers innovative investments) must fight for the credibility of the innovation program in ways that their counterparts do not need to. These innovation leaders felt their existence was constantly being called into question, even today, when innovation leadership is needed more than ever in healthcare.   This exchange got me thinking about how important credibility is to a leader whose charge is to innovate. The act of creating the next
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A Simple Tool to Ignite Workplace Creativity

Workplace Creativity Do your best ideas hit you in the shower? Or maybe during your workout? This is not uncommon. Creative insights often happen on the periphery of our rational thought. Driving or daydreaming – we are able to make insights and connections that our logical brain doesn’t always see. Corporations like IBM have been teaching executives creativity since the 1950s. The rationale is that complex problem solving skills creates better managers and leaders through their ability to challenge assumptions, think in opposition, and derive new insights from unorthodox places. IQ alone is not enough.    Case-in-point – the amazing
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What is CultureTalk?

CultureTalk turns culture into a tangible business tool. This two-survey, one-framework system closes the gap between individual potential, team performance and organizational strategy. CultureTalk profiles can be activated across the organizational ecosystem and the talent lifecycle.
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Building Disruptive Future States

For many change leaders, innovation begins with ideation – the knee-jerk reaction to come up with ideas. However, we must resist this temptation to solve the problem until we clearly understand the context and mandates for innovation. Enter the Future State.
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What makes a competent change agent?

Individual competence is the application of knowledge, skills and abilities in order to achieve the desired results.
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Find Your Spark of Madness

Every day, every moment - we make choices that define who we are and where we are headed. This simple act of choice is staggeringly powerful, and yet for many of us it is a squandered resource. 
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