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Digressions on Leading, Following and The Practice of Change

What is CultureTalk?

CultureTalk turns culture into a tangible business tool. This two-survey, one-framework system closes the gap between individual potential, team performance and organizational strategy. CultureTalk profiles can be activated across the organizational ecosystem and the talent lifecycle.
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Building Disruptive Future States

For many change leaders, innovation begins with ideation – the knee-jerk reaction to come up with ideas. However, we must resist this temptation to solve the problem until we clearly understand the context and mandates for innovation. Enter the Future State.
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What makes a competent change agent?

Individual competence is the application of knowledge, skills and abilities in order to achieve the desired results.
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Find Your Spark of Madness

Every day, every moment - we make choices that define who we are and where we are headed. This simple act of choice is staggeringly powerful, and yet for many of us it is a squandered resource. 
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A Quick Reflection on Grit

Change managers today must endure a lot of trust building, compromising, long hours, goal setting and more. We put our hearts into making a demonstrable change that will grow the business and potentially change the careers of many. Such are the trials and travails of making complex change. If this describes you, consider one large, looming historical figure for perspective – Abraham Lincoln. By one standard he could be measured by the large number of failures and losses in his life. But instead, he is held up as an example of great leadership.
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How To Assess Complex Change

This blog is for all of us who deal in change, who navigate the shadow world of today and the promise of tomorrow. This is for those in charge of budgets that must return an ROI on something that is not yet built. We are inventors, doers, list makers, dreamers, operators, deal makers. Project managers make change in large unruly organizations and in small teams. We operate on the edge of the unknown, trying to build something new across multiple organizations, time zones, cultures, languages and operating assumptions.
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