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Experiment and Evolve

Build the roadmap through labs.

Let us help you uncover complex organizational problems and dig deep for solutions.

Labs are a fast, focused method for uncovering the truth of your business and the changes that lay ahead.

These 2 or 3 day events deliver your team the tools for a full-scale organizational transformation.

Unlike traditional boring training sessions, our labs are a facilitated experience in which we de-risk creativity so your team can safely set aside the rules, test assumptions, and get to a much clearer picture of what your business needs to look like, then develop a concrete plan to get there.

Our experts tailor each program to our clients business objectives through:

  • Internal research
  • Pre-session assessments
  • Market and competitive analysis
Our world class facilitators demonstrate how to lead with curiosity and courage in the face of change, while congealing your team’s ability to work together and have fun while solving serious complex problems.

Four labs to choose from. 

Our labs will empower you with the confidence and expertise to navigate the modern realities of new competition, rapidly changing markets, and emerging technology.


Leadership Lab is an opportunity for your leadership team to engage in the deeper questions of the business:

Where are we going? What kind of people do we need to make that happen? Who will our customers be and how will we access those markets?


Team Lab delivers a proven agenda for galvanizing your team toward a big, hairy, audacious goal.

Our process helps the team identify an agenda for change that focuses their efforts on real work to be done.


Culture Lab leverages the CultureTalk assessment tool.

Prior to the lab we will assess at both the individual and organizational levels and use the lab time to process the results and identify the plan for change.


Innovation Lab uses our own Intentional Innovation methodology to create the products and services of tomorrow.

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