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Ready to Launch? De-Risk Your Big Ideas Using an Implementation Series

Corporate innovators beware – your leadership team is not ready for your big idea. Even if your innovation program is robust and you are designing big solutions, it is important to realize that your organization may not be willing to implement the significant changes required to jump directly to a big investment. Finding ways to de-risk your innovation while proving business value is paramount. Therefore, corporate leaders need a stepwise approach that has pivots, exit ramps, and scaling options built in. The most effective tool to build consensus around a long term investment is the Innovation Series, from Intentional Innovation.

The Innovation Series

The Innovation Series creates a way to advance big ideas while minimizing the risk and uncertainty involved in bringing those ideas into fruition. This systematic, results-proven series creates a clear, well-defined path to your Future State concept from where you are today. The Innovation Series is not a project plan. It is a build-out of the incremental innovations that will help you evolve from the present day to the Future State. It allows you to show results along the way while giving you the choice to modify or pivot from upcoming launches. Its intent is to minimize risk, not lay out the project plan.

To do this, you start at the end by writing your Future State in the last arrow. Then, you consider where you are today based on your Portfolio View and your Innovation Assets, building a path or series of incremental launches to help get to your Future State.

Here are the fundamentals of the Innovation Series: 

Flow chart for Innovation Series
  • First, the Innovation Series is populated with  three or more identified launches leading you to the disruptive Future State. 
  • Next, each launch is incrementally calculated so that you aren’t taking giant leaps into the future, rather moving with intention and with less risk. The goal is to make the first launch as easy for the organization to say “yes” to as possible. 
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, at each of the launches, the value proposition improves to transition your existing customers to the subsequent launches while bringing in more customers with your iterative improvements.

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Replication and Ideation

In order to build out the best path forward, you will rely on replication and ideation to create three different Innovation Series for each Future State. The goal is to understand all the possible ways to reach the Future State and what the core value proposition may be for each Innovation Series.

For example, one Innovation Series might increase the range of products or services offered to your customers. Another might increase the channels or means of access to the product or service as it expands your customer base (e.g., from offline to online).

Creating three different Innovation Series helps identify which series will be the most feasible, the most appealing, and have the highest potential to produce high growth and lead to the Future State. Sometimes, two or three of these Innovation Series might naturally merge into one.

Once you have laid out the areas you want to explore with each launch, you next must explain how each launch evolves toward the future via these areas. The Value Proposition; Products, Services, or Segments; and Launch Essentials are three areas that must evolve.

So, as you can see along the top row, we improve the value proposition with each launch. We do this in order to keep customers engaged and to continue to increase growth by meeting customers’ needs and offering them something that they do not have. The second row shows the products, services, or segments that are delivered in order to meet each improved value proposition. Here is where the different elements that are required to keep the initiative moving across each launch are listed. The final row lists launch essentials, where you can expand on what critical infrastructure pieces the initiative will need at each launch. 

Taking big, big ideas off of paper and into practice can be a daunting task. With big risk, comes big reward – but with de-risk, can come quicker progress and achievement. 

All Aboard

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