The Future of New Podcast with host Tim Jaques and featuring Jonathan Hefter

Future of New Interview with Jonathan Hefter

On our most recent Future of New podcast, Teaming Worldwide’s Tim Jaques interviews‘ own Jonathan Hefter. Jonathan is one of the great thought leaders today on teams, collaboration, leadership, and making effective tradeoffs. He is an OG at, a new kind of meeting platform, where he is the Head of Experience Design and Facilitation. Circles comes from the age-old tradition of storytelling and gathering as a community. And the System™ enables the same kind of human connection, virtually. Jonathan and his company are at the convergence of authentic human interaction and technology. And it’s an exciting area to explore.

During the podcast, Tim and Jonathan discuss the intersection of change, innovation, and human performance.

Click below to listen to the full interview and discussion between Jonathan and Teaming Worldwide’s own Tim Jaques. Enjoy!   

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