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Change Leadership

Leading major change initiatives is not for the faint of heart. 

So why leave it to someone who has not been through the gauntlet of enterprise change. 

Our change leadership offering delivers one or more leaders that can act as the face of change, provide rationale, reliability, and real-time communications. 

We help organizations chart a path, rally the troops, create coalitions and more the agenda forward.


So much depends upon you getting to the right outcomes at your next offsite. 

Let Teaming Worldwide partner with you to create an extraordinary experience that will enable your team to focus on the most critical issues. 

We bring our A-Game with high-EQ facilitators that have deep experience in navigating executive sessions, competing priorities, dissentions, project snipers and more. 

We have the tools for better conversations, and know how to bring the team back together to get work done.

Project Management

Project Management

Today’s projects and programs are more complex than ever. 

Project managers are often competent in a single discipline – technology projects, engineering projects, people projects, etc. Our project managers are defined by our ability to go across disciplines and leveraging the best of the organization to rally key stakeholders.

Teaming Worldwide delivers exceptional onsite or remote project management services. Projects are in our blood, and drive everything we do.

Team Labs

Project / Program Design Lab: The PM Design Lab enables fast creation of a projects or program. We help Identify key stakeholders, charter the work, define the benefits, establish the scope, drill down on tasks and build the schedule.

Change Leadership Lab: What makes a great leader in turbulent times? This special 1- or 2-day lab explores the competencies, behaviors, and action agendas that change leaders need to embrace to make meaningful change. One part learning, one part planning – labs.

Team Labs

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